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About as normal as you can get. I like weirdness (sub and pop cultural) and playing on my computer.
abandonned buildings, activism, agitprop, akira, akira kurasawa, alan moore, ancient egypt, anthropology, aphex twin, archeology, art nouveau, art punk, assyriology, authenticity, beautiful mutants, black black gum, blade runner, boots, brain computer interface, brandeis, brewing, bruce campbell, buckaroo banzai, cab calloway, caffeine, calaveras, capcom, cargo cults, chick tracts, civil rights, coffee, cognitive neuroscience, cognitive science, competent sexy bitches, consciousness, costuming, crafts, crystal palace, cults, cultural anthropology, cyberpunk, david bowie, devo, diy, do it yourself, dr. bronner's soap, duct tape, einstürzende neubauten, engrish, fencing, film noir, folk heros, fonts, forensics, gadgets, getting out of trouble, gilded age, glitch, gweep, h.p. lovecraft, heuristics, high weirdness, human factors, humors, identity, industrial music, industrial revolution, jellyfish, jinko mizuno, joy division, juan soldado, judaism, klf, kooks, kraftwerk, max headroom, media, merzbow, mind, mochi, moxie, mst3k, mucha, museum of jurassic technology, museum of lost wonder, mysticism, neal stephenson, negativland, nobukazu takemura, nostalgia, nurse with wound, oingo boingo, old town san diego, oliver sacks, openpgp, optical illusions, origami, painting, people watching, philip k. dick, photography, pirate radio, pocket watches, popular culture, pranks, propaganda, psychology, racine & laramie, residents, ridley scott, scientific antiques, secular humanism, shadowrun, skinny puppy, social engineering, solaris, squarepusher, stage blood recipes, stagger lee, stanley kubrick, steampunk, strip mall seizures, subculture, subcultures, subgenius, suits, survival research laboratories, synthesia, tarkovski, the image, tmbg, transhumanism, transmetropolitan, transparency, tunnels, typography, ubiquitous computing, uci, uniforms, urban exploration, urban legends, uzumaki, victorian, victoritarian, wearable computing, william gibson, woodcutting, yerba mate, zeitgeist, zombies


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